Friday, August 11, 2006

uhm.... who didn't know WIZARD sucked?

This is in response to Tim Leong blog about the latest Wizard. It's actually a video blog, and you know what, a bit spot on. I really don't care for him beating around the bush about it, but the fact that Wizard has sank so low over the years , and is well, defying the laws of physics by sucking and blowing at the same time, it does feel good that somebody "IN" the industry comes out and says it a bit. It' snot too much of a hidden fact by the way, it's saying "N'sync sucks" and waiting for the round of applause but still a good turn in giving them the good ol' archers finger, you know?

Me? Well:

1. WIzard is just catching with all the bullshit the rest of insensitive society is doing in the media, and/or what seemingly passes for media and is shoveled down our throats.

2. It's not like Wizard had far to fall, since it's sucked large donkey genitalia, always.

3. They're not even good at reporting media stories, half the sites out there beat them to the punch anyway.

4. Fucking magazines a catalog really.

5. Comic book fans, in general tend to be fucking tards, so, they spponfeed some raw bacon of idiocy to the people sometimes. If they don't make a ruckus about it, or other thing, why should the rest care?

6. Thanks for saying something. JUSt don't beat around the bush. WIZARD IS HARMING THE COMICS COMMUNITY AND IS AN ARSE OF A MAGAZINE MADE FOR AN ARSE OF A CROWD.