Friday, September 01, 2006

"I knew this would happen" FILE# 62123244234

"Heroes" a new NBC show coming September 25th, is based on, yes indeed, superheroes, and form this little spew on it, some crap rip of X-men, I guess.
I have no qualms about this, it could be good, or could suck large marsupial genitalia, I don't know; I just want you all to notice that the world of comics if getting used alot now a days, more so than ever. Now I'm not against that, no not really, and i'm no elitist about it, but many a itmes it can get handled in such a way that well, you can't help but want to put a powerdrill through somebodies freaking head about how bad it can be, how damaging it is to comics already delicate smelly taco meat image and how it can backlash on all of us.
You think maybe i'm being extreme? Hey you haven't lived lived through the early 90s prismatic cover days, ok? It killed comics for me.