Wednesday, August 23, 2006

No VIGIL this Weekend? Que pinga?!?!?!

Hey Folks,due to a DNS issue ( I have no idea what that is, don't ask) VIGIL will not be seen this weekend (Aug 26th and 27th) as the server will be rebooting and changing and some other stuff, says my publisher, Joey Manley:

"I will be kicking off the DNS changeover on Friday afternoon.

The goal is to get all DNS issues cleared up before Monday morning.

You can essentially expect the site to be down for the weekend. It may
come up earlier than that, but I am telling you now: if your comic is
supposed to update anytime between Friday afternoon and Monday
morning, don't count on the site being available to you or your
readers (it may be, it may not be -- most likely, it will be available
to some, not to all -- that's how DNS works).

When the DNS is cleared up, and my own ISP recognizes the changeover
from one server to another, I will log in via FTP, install the new WCN
engine, and the new Graphic Smash will be born."

So the good news is, a new will be born! What it will do exactly, I have no bloody clue, but it's for the best, I think.

I wil be aiming to replace those pages and have a mega weekend on September 2nd and 3rd and maybe before and after I'll see, but keep watching I will be posting.....

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