Friday, August 11, 2006

This sort of bugs the hell out of me....

ROCKET PIRATES is a Web comic collection of folks curated under the mindful eye of Warren Ellis, writer and pig-shooter extroardinaire being developed (lobbied) right now. The chance was given by Joey Manley, our Stone guard Warlord over Graphicsmash and Moderntales and such, and could be a real site to see later on, fer sure.

The thing that chaps my balls, is that I can imagine only how many wanton fuckers probabaly went ape shit to have the chance just to have their names next to Mr. Ellis, just so they have some sort of crap bragging rights. People might even develop whatever they got to throw on there and see whats taken jsut for the chance, and it might be crap. I wonder how many of the comics sent now are full of piercings, or split scrotums, just to see how they can kiss up up to Warren's affections.
Shit me.

Now why I say this? I'm not gonna like it crossed my mind too, but hell I owuld be lying to myself if I had anything that would or even had the fucking time to do anything for the site. SO I said fuck it, I'll stay in the audience. I'm just worried at how many haf-assers out there are bringing shit in.

Warren will probabaly smell the shit from a mile  away and all will be good but then they'll be the line of arses complaining that warren didin't pick them and some boo hoo fucks.

That when I'll slap them with my cock.

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