Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Damn you Jent!

Well thanks to Mathew and his bloody riting, I uped and slummed myself into the local comic shop (one I didin't like too much) and bought Issue 3-6 of "Identity Crisis"
Damn you Jent, now I'm hooked, and looking for issues 1 & 2
Damn you and your infectious love of comics!


dgeter said...


Matthew Jent said...

What about Countdown, what about Countdown?

Amy said...

Yes, damn the man!

Matthew Jent said...

I will infect you all with my love of comics. Kind of like herpes.

Only without the--

No, wait. It's exactly like herpes. In every way.

Juan Navarro said...

Like Herpes? So that's what that postule was!