Friday, June 29, 2007

FINDER interview -- go read it!

Carla Speed McNeil talks about FINDER with Newsarama. It opens with this exchange:

NEWSARAMA: Carla, despite your popularity on the internet, there are a lot of folks to whom your work is still an unknown. Can you give us a quick overview of Finder?


It is otherwise and interesting interview with the creator of one of my favorite comics, who you don't really see the comics sites talking to that much. She's putting out a hardcover collecting SIN-EATER volumes 1 & 2 into one book this summer, digest-size for the bookstores, which I think is a great idea. I hope the copious footnotes remain -- in addition to helping me understand what the frak is going on sometimes, they're a really fun and honest insight into Carla's creative process. It's probably the footnotes on SIN-EATER Vol. 1 that brought me back for Vol. 2. If you don't read FINDER -- start!

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