Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I want to love Comics

I want to love Comics. I do. I mean, we go so great together.
I mean.
I like-like comics, you know?
I French kiss Comics all the time, and I give great back rubs (I'm like the king at back rubs)
Some times it's hard though.
Sometimes Comics don't listen. Sometimes, I swear, it's as if Comics are ignoring me. And I just sit there and take it.
Finally, when Comics does that thing with its mouth while eating, I freak out.
I tell comics how I feel. We start talk but it becomes a screaming match.
Next thing you know, I’m crying and Comics is in the next room fuming at me.
I walk out of the room, with my things in hand, and just stare at Comics.
"Ok, I'm going to go"
Comics just stares into space.
Walking out, I hold back the tears expecting to hear Comics running down the street to hug me. No. It doesn’t happen. On the bus, I cry about Comics.
It's not until the next day, that I love comics again. I sit up looking for Comics in bed, and Comics is not there.
I choke up.
Then I hear a knock.
There's Comics, arms out open, looking at me, as if pleading to take Comics back.
And I do.
You know, it's hard. And what people say about Comics and me.
But in the end.
I want to love Comics.


Matthew Jent said...

I'm sure we'll get this sorted out eventually--but this was Juan's first post.

Every summer I start to get really excited about comics again--and by the fall, after the con season, after the event comics, after plowing through stacks of trades bought at half-off, I'm ready to never look at comics again. It lasts two weeks, at the most.

Juan Navarro said...

Well, to me it's that and more. At times I have no idea why the fuck I'm "doing" comics. I think to myself "Dude focus on getting a real job, some cash, the good-life, etc." and then when I even begin to fathom life minus comics, it turns into this really vomitous version of living i could never handle. I think I'd be swinging off the rafter because of it. It's not just comics. It' s the way of living, of creating and not giving a fuck, I love so much. Comics has that.

Matthew Jent said...

Yyyyeah, I can dig that. I've been silently shaking my fist at Millarworld lately, but I keep going back there--and when I think of it in those terms, I'd rather have the comics message boards as they are than not at all.

There are a million more profitable ways to spend our time, but I don't think we can help it. We'll keep coming back here.